Genesys Modular Stack

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With the launch of Genesys' M2M IoT platform, we also introduce a new proprietary connection scheme to enable further hardware development while passing as little of the costs as possible to our customers. Genesys Modular Stack is our new technology, built into the baseboards all of our M2M equipment, which allows functionality to be added to the baseboard simply by stacking modules on top of each other.

How does Genesys Modular Stack work?

A Genesys Modular Stack compatible baseboard found in equipment such as Meshing Nodes, features a characteristic pair of 40-pin sockets. Any expansion module marked as compatible with Genesys Modular Stack can then clip right into the baseboard, seamlessly adding functionality such as a new network protocol or sensing ability. Most Genesys Modular Stack compatible modules are equipped with feed-through connectors on the top side, allowing additional modules to be connected.


Genesys Modular Stack technology has limitless advantages for our M2M IoT customers and integrators. By using Genesys Modular Stack, upgradeability is seamless as all new functionality is self-contained within the module. Genesys is continually developing new Genesys Modular Stack modules that will bring swathes of new functionality, such as Wi-Fi, 4G LTE communications, Bluetooth® LE and various sensors; to your existing M2M equipment.

As a result of using Genesys Modular Stack, massive cost savings are passed on to our customers since you only need to purchase the modules your application requires; and if additional functionality is required in the future, modules add this functionality to the hardware you already own. This seamless experience with Genesys Modular Stack ensures the fastest route to market with your M2M application, as all Genesys modules give you the peace of mind that all hardware is standards-compliant with verified firmware.

Genesys Modular Stack Baseboards act as hosts


Baseboards act as Genesys Modular Stack hosts. Baseboards may be found in M2M equipment such as Meshing Nodes, and feature a characteristic pair of 40-pin sockets ready to accept modules.

Baseboards have varying functionalities including I/O and basic LED activity indication, however the processing and logic functionality is localised to modules. Baseboards may be chosen from our existing selection or alternatively can be custom designed if you have specific needs.

In the useful life of an M2M system, baseboards themselves should seldom require replacement or upgrading.

Genesys Modular Stack Modules


Modules are the heart of any Genesys Modular Stack application. When combined with equipment such as the Meshing Node, modules can turn a simple I/O capable node into one with 3G/4G wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, temperature and humidity sensing, positioning and location sensing and almost any application you can think of.

Genesys currently has several communications and sensor modules under development, however customers are free to contract Genesys Electronics Design to develop custom modules.

Genesys Modular Stack example application

Genesys Modular Stack typical application with transciever, 3G module, wi-fi module, sensor module and baseboard

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