Genesys Advanced M2M & IoT System

Our IoT and M2M Philosophy

Simply put, IoT is the interconnection and interoperability of disparate 'things' and sub-systems, and their accessibility via the Internet.

At the 'thing' and communications API level, we do this by abstracting and genericising the inputs and outputs of systems and devices so that they may interact with each other as a cohesive whole without human intervention and interpretation.

M2M-connected devices often rely on one or more central points of interconnect; in turn allowing brand new applications to be built up from existing modules without extensive software development.

Genesys’ next-generation M2M/IoT platform will not only enable your systems to communicate with each other in ways you’ve never imagined, but also to join the Internet of Things (IoT). What this means for consumers is the flexibility to monitor and control systems via the web, and to open up new possibilities for installing systems anywhere in the world, all seamlessly communicating as if they were in the same room.

Genesys' history of M2M Experience

Genesys has traditionally served a wide range of customers whose requirements include wired and/or wireless communications between equipment, and back-to-base from remote locations. We have a high level of capability and long term experience with communications technologies including RS-485/422 networks, short to medium range wireless, Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G cellular, and many others.

In mid 2012, it became apparent to us that the convergence of low cost high capability microcontrollers, low power meshed RF wireless communications, Internet communications and the proliferation of smart mobile devices would revolutionise what has become known as Machine-to-Machine communications, leading to the recently coined description “Internet of Things”.

The barrier to entry into the M2M/IoT space is high, in terms of the cost of developing a full suite of technology offerings. Recognising that the costs associated with this technology development would be beyond the capacity of any one customer to bear, we made the decision to embark on a multi-million dollar, 4 year development program funded from our own resources, to enable us to offer a comprehensive suite of M2M technologies to our customers.

This investment allows Genesys' customers to be at the very forefront of M2M and IoT developments, via leverage of the Genesys M2M IoT framework. We offer our customers state–of–the art, wired and wireless M2M/IoT communications, monitoring, control, data gathering and reporting facilities which provide cost effective, low energy solutions – without burdening customer projects with the associated technology development costs.

By choosing Genesys for your M2M and IoT solution, you're investing in the most mature, reliable and locally supported M2M technology platform in Australia.

Precision Engineered in Australia By Genesys

All Genesys M2M equipment, modules, printed circuit assemblies and software designs are owned by Genesys, and are available exclusively to our customers.

Genesys M2M IoT installations are completely scalable, and our technology is modular right down to the circuit board level, so that our customers only purchase the components their system needs.

All of these items have been designed, developed and manufactured by Genesys’ engineering team in Sydney, Australia. We provide onsite and remote support for all customers.

M2M Applications

There is only one limit to the applications that Genesys M2M technology can serve - imagination. The following list is a short insight into some typical use cases for M2M.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Automate management of your company fleet by remotely controlling access, monitoring location with GPS and scheduling services based on vehicle diagnostics.

  • Process Management

    Process Control

    Increase productivity by controlling processes based on real-time activity, including machine operating status, and environmental conditions.

  • Cloud Powered Security


    Receive text alerts and video feeds in the event of a trigger, and minimise false alarms by visually determining the severity of a threat before notifying the authorities.

  • Smart Energy Solutions

    Smart Energy

    Monitor energy usage and reduce electricity bills by automatically shutting off heavy loads when not in use. Introduce renewable energy seamlessly with automatic load balancing.

  • Health Solutions

    Health & Safety

    Reduce hospital load by monitoring patients' health from home, track dementia sufferers with GPS, or set-up geo-fencing to keep people away from risky areas.

Interactive Network Diagram

Below is an example of a large-scale M2M installation, used to create a pair of 'smart buildings', where energy monitoring, access control, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and lighting are controlled harmoniously by Genesys M2M infrastructure. This demonstration installation consists of two 'smart buildings', each featuring different, though related, equipment.

Hover over each module to view a quick overview of the component and how it interacts with the greater M2M System.


       Demo Application: HVAC
       Demo Application: Energy Monitoring
       Demo Application: Lighting
       Demo Application: Access Control

       Wire: Power over Ethernet
       Wire: Direct Relay Connection
       Wire: Ethernet
       Wire: RS-485


   6LoWPAN Meshed Radio Network

Genesys Modular Stack Two GMS Stack Modules atop one another

Genesys Modular Stack is our proprietary technology allowing for the easy interconnection of expansion modules. The main board of any device carrying the Genesys Modular Stack logo features a characteristic pair of board-to-board connectors, filled by default with a wireless personal area network (WPAN) module. This module can be replaced with a different PAN module, or with a device from our range of expansion modules , which are infinitely stackable via board-to-board feed-through connectors. These clever devices add additional functionality to your base device, ranging from Wi-Fi and 3G communications to GPS, temperature and humidity sensing. The greatest benefits are cost saving, as you only need to buy the modules your application requires; and speed to market, through the use of pre-manufactured, compliant hardware and off the shelf, verified firmware.

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